GD Candidates Lead in MP By-Elections
28 აპრილი, 2013

Georgian Dream is set to win all three majoritarian MP seats, which were up for grabs in Saturday’s MP by-elections in three single-mandate constituencies, according to results released by the Central Election Commission.

• MP By-Elections in Three Constituencies

Based on vote tallies from all 99 polling stations in Tbilisi’s Nadzaladevi constituency, which was the most contested one out of three districts, GD’s candidate Tamar Kordzaia won the race with 39.48%.

She is followed by leader of Free Georgia party Kakha Kukava, who has 17.26% of votes and UNM’s candidate Papuna Davitaia is the third with 15.11%; an independent candidate Soso Manjavidze garnered 12.95%; another independent candidate Zviad Chitishvili – 11.46%; Giorgi Gugava of the Labor Party – 3.14%; four other candidates have less than 1% of votes each.

A candidate winning more votes than others, but not less than 30% will be declared as an outright winner; second round will only be held if none of the candidate garners 30% of votes or more.

In Bagdati single mandate constituency in Imereti region, western Georgia, GD’s candidate Paata Kiknavelidze won with 61.81%, according of vote tallies from all 28 precincts.

He is followed by UNM’s candidate Vladimer Tsikoridze with 21.12%; independent candidates Zurab Mskhvilidze and Roman Robakidze have 9.78% and 6.65%, respectively.

In Samtredia single mandate constituency in Imereti region, GD’s candidate Giorgi Kakhiani won a landslide victory with 80.94% of votes; UNM’s candidate Emzar Shubladze has 18.69%.

Results mean that the GD parliamentary majority group is set to increase number of its members in 150-seat Parliament to 86; UNM now has 53 members and remaining lawmakers are those who have quit UNM following the October, 2012 elections.

27.97% of 140,892 voters, registered in Tbilisi’s Nadzaladevi constituency, turned out at the polling stations on April 27, according to the Central Election Commission (CEC).

Voter turnout was 48.35% in Bagdati constituency, where 23,351 voters are registered and 43.55% in Samtredia, where 48,455 voters are registered.

Three seats in the Parliament became vacant after majoritarian MPs from the GD coalition were appointed in the executive government shortly after the October elections – Tea Tsulukiani, who was elected in Tbilisi’s Nadzaladevi single-mandate constituency, became the Justice Minister; Kakha Kaladze, who won majoritarian race in Samtredia constituency became Energy Minister and Archil Kbilashvili, who was a majoritarian MP from Bagdati single-mandate constituency, was appointed as chief prosecutor.

In October, 2012 parliamentary elections GD candidate in Bagdati won narrowly with 49.3% against UNM candidate’s 48.74%; in Samtredia GD candidate garnered 53.63% and UNM candidate – 43.91%; in Tbilisi’s Nadzaladevi district GD candidate won 72.19% votes and UNM candidate – 23.9%.

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